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Necessities Guide

The Pataca (MOP) is divided into 100 avos and it is Macau's official currency. There are banknotes and coins in the following denominations:
Coins: 10, 20 and 50 avos; 1, 2, 5 and 10 Patacas.
Banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 Patacas.
Foreign currency can be changed in hotels, banks and authorised exchange dealers located all around the city or even at the Macau International Airport(Taipa Island).

Electricity and Voltage
Get an Electric Plug adaptor for Type G sockets (with two flat blades & one flat grounding blade) in your country to recharge your mobile phone & laptop. Type D sockets (with 3 pins) and Type M sockets (round-shaped) are also commonly found around Macau. The electricity voltage is around 230V, 50Hz.

You can access to free wireless internet at many areas including airport, shopping centres, etc. You may purchase your simcard/rent a Wi-Fi device in Hong Kong which allow you to access internet in Macau. Alternatively, you may also purchase a portable Wi-Fi device that allows you and 4 other devices to enjoy internet connection everywhere. Klook offers unlimited data in Mc for as low as US$7.79 per day!
Visit here for the pricing and more information.
Preferably, you may also purchase a Macau Tourist SIM Card upon arrival at Macau Airport and choose from a 3-Day or 7-Day Pass at SGD16/2GB and SGD31/4GB respectively.
Visit here for more information.

Maps, Apps & City Guides
Have accessible information on everything about Macau at the palm of your hands! From monthly highlights, local events, festivals, walking tour routes to customizing your own trip with audio guide and AR function these mobile apps will ensure that you will not miss any highlights and happenings during your stay in Macau.

Bus and taxi services serve as the primary means of public transportation in Macau. If you want to try something a little different, hire a tricycle, bicycle or car to see the sights. You can download "Experience Macau" on Android/IOS to navigate around Macau for free.

The bus fare is MOP6.00 and passengers should prepare adequate coins for the fare as no change is given on the buses, all of which are air-conditioned. Like everywhere else, it is best to avoid travelling during peak hours. It is also recommended that you bring a map in order to better locate your destination. For route information, please visit:, or download Macau’s Bus Traveling System app on Android/IOS

The pedicab - or tricycle rickshaw - is a uniquely leisurely, romantic and airy form of transport which visitors can hire to tour the captivating waterfront of Nam Van Lake and Sai Van Lake as well as the older historic streets of downtown Macau. Hired at the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal or near Hotel Lisboa, it is recommended that you confirm the price with the rider prior to embarking upon your adventure.

There is a MOP5.00 surcharge for boarding a taxi at Macau International Airport, the taxi station of Taipa Ferry Terminal, the campus of the University of Macau or journeys from Macau to Coloane. From Taipa to Coloane, a MOP2.00 surcharge applies, while there is no surcharge from Macau to Taipa or from the islands to Macau.
In addition, there is also a special radio taxi service, which the vehicle is blue in colour. Like normal taxi, the fare of the special radio taxi is charged according to the taximeter, but with an additional hailing fee of MOP5.00 (this fee will be waived if the booking is made more than one hour in advance). For special radio taxi service, please call: +853 288 12345, visit or download mobile app "Macau Taxi" for IOS. For more information, please contact Macau Radio Taxi Services Limited at +853 8893 9999.

- All rates & charges information are correct at the time of publishing, Feburary 2019-

Necessities Guide
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